Your best source of high tech talent

Are you, or companies you work with:

  • struggling to find high tech talent?
  • seeking to strengthen your mobile talent base?
  • hunting for experts on high volume, global scale manufacturing and operations?

Time to consider operations in finland

KAATO business network can help make that happen fast!

After Microsoft's decision to refocus its Windows Phone business, and to cut around 2000 jobs in Salo, Tampere and the Helsinki area, Finland is now the prime place in the world to find world-class, high tech talent and a very attractive base for European operations.

  • Unparalleled availability of globally experienced, affordable, world-class technology talent. Costs typically 40% below the US level
  • A vibrant hotbed for innovation and start-ups, in areas such as gaming, wellness and health, mobile and internet of things
  • An excellent location to serve the 80 million consumers of Northern Europe and the European Union. A gateway to Russia and the EU
  • An outstanding location for datacenters with free cooling, inexpensive green energy and solid granite bedrock

What is KAATO?

KAATO is a pro bono business community initiative, where 450+ experienced high tech business leaders help foreign companies to quickly establish and expand operations in Finland. With our technology and business understanding, and personal trusted relationships of our community members, KAATO can offer unique value and speed to the set-up process. KAATO works in close cooperation with Invest in Finland.

Our vision

A stronger, renewed and more vibrant high tech industry in Finland.

Our mission

To attract and drive New investment, New companies, New jobs to Finland, and to support New business, growth and renewal in Finland.

Working with KAATO

KAATO will assign you a dedicated technology business expert, who will work with you as your trusted partner, helping with everything from exploring opportunities to setting up operations.

We can help you to:

  • Define the options for your expansion
  • Find the best people
  • Identify business and service partners
  • Plan and set up your operations
  • Meet leading research institutes and thought-leadership communities
  • Connect with public technology and innovation funding bodies

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Ebba Dåhli, Partner

Kyösti Järnefelt Partner
KAATO community in Helsinki area

Janne Kari, Partner

Kirsi Kokko, Partner
KAATO Community in Tampere

Markku Lehikoinen, Partner
KAATO Community in Oulu

Kimmo Ojuva, Partner

Arto Pussinen, Partner

Ville Tiikasalo, Partner
KAATO community in Salo